During our journey on this earth plane we realize that what we consider as normal does not actually exist. Every person has their own sense of ’Normal’ in the way they choose to live, eat, heal and move their body and mind.

Passed down from generation to generation many people use ancient wisdom combined with modern technology to bio hack and connect with their own healing. At Amani House we use integrative healing remedies that connect you to Mother Nature and expand your comfort zone to a new normal where you will learn how to align with your own inner knowledge to heal yourself.

Location and Facilities

The whole property is designed in an ecofriendly way to inspire a harmonious experience while being immersed in nature. Amani House is situated in the quaint leafy village of Hout Bay. You will be transported to an elevated realm while you spend time walking the labyrinth, recharging in the chakra gardens, swimming in the natural pool, healing under the crystal bed or simply reading your book under a tree.

Recreation Centre

This beautiful loft style hall is an ideal location for yoga classes and meditation. Soft light filters through the many windows, creating a serene atmosphere.

The space also has a kitchen and table making it ideal for workshops or demonstrations.


The gardens of Amani House is a symphony of bees, butterflies and birds and the most exquisite display of indigenous plants. This carefully designed garden has a special medicinal spiral, permaculture food and fruit garden and chakra garden.

Swimming pool

“The Eco pool at Amani House was converted from an existing chemical pool.

The planted filtration zones were added to the shell. Ans was very specific about the design and decided to expand the size of the pool in the conversion rather than build within the existing shell. She also added a shallow kiddies pool. I cannot imagine anything but an Eco pool going into the incredible, conscious, healing space that is Amani House. The energy that prevails there also feeds the consciousness of the pool so that the water inside and outside reinforces the sacredness of life.” – Jerome Davids

Crystal Bed

Realign your chakras and feel yourselves rejuvenated, laying under the Crystal bed.

Events and

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    With different kinds of meditations we will guide you into your inner self.

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    Alternative healing

    Amani House is a centre for holistic healing, through a sacred alliance with nature and her remedies. We offer various ceremonies and retreats to bring about transformation, rejuvenation and healing.

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    Chakra garden

    Walking through this garden will help you to recharge your chakra’s and help to balance your well being.

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    Cold water swimming

    Cold water immersion is a well known therapy for healing illness both physically and mentally. The crystal clear waters of our eco pool will replenish and revive you.

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    Crystal labyrinth

    Quiet the mind as you weave through the pathways of rose quartz. The labyrinth is a perfect place to step into the practice of walking meditation. Stilling the mind, tuning into the sound of bird song and connecting to the land with each and every step.

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    Crystal light healing therapy

    Crystal Light Healing Therapy utilises 7 extremely clear and highly polished Vogel cut quartz crystals chosen to match the frequency of the chakra colours. These lights shine on and off in certain rhythms to cleanse, balance, and align your energies.

    Contact us to book a session,
    Prices are as follows:

    R250 for 20 minutes
    R400 for 40 minutes
    R600 for 1 hour

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    Nature immersion

    Amani House has a rich natural landscape, creating an atmosphere of peace and quiet.

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    Family Constellations

    Family Constellation is a powerful modality for addressing ones life story and the story of ones ancestors, and how this plays a role in our current lives. Constellations, whether one is being constellated or acting as as a representative for someone else, is a profound tool in understanding ourselves better.

    We host regular constellation sessions on the first Sunday of every month.

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    Food as Medicine

    When it comes to to the food we offer, our focus is on sustainable, organic, healthy food that is healing and nourishing. A lot of our ingredients come from our permaculture gardens or is otherwise sourced with care from local farmers. We love food that is delicious and full of nutrition, and is made with the Earth’s health in mind too.